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Somaroma Frankincense Myrrh 100ml


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Somaroma Frankincense Myrrh 100ml

Heavenly Fragrance Spray

Frankincense Myrrh This warm spicy fragrance brings a feeling of peace and tranquillity. The special combination of Frankincense and Myrrh creates a calming influence that elevates the soul. Enjoy discovering more about the unique qualities of Som­aroma ­Frankincense and Myrrh as you use it every day. Made with 100% pure, highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Eco Control and Natrue Certified Natural cosmetic with an organic portion.

Certified organic ethanol (that quickly evaporates) allows for an even blending of the pure essential oils and hydrolates─the lasting fragrance.

1. As an ambience spray, Somaroma Frankincense- Myrrh creates an instant elevating influence. Spray the aroma mist into the air around you.
2. Enjoy wearing Somaroma Frankincense-Myrrh as a perfume. Somaroma is a 100% pure aroma product that protects health and well-being.
3. Spray into the air and walk through the fragrant Som­aroma Frankincense-Myrrh mist to bathe yourself in the luxury of these pure essences.
4. While travelling or away from home, spray the Som­aroma ­Frankincense- Myrrh mist on a handkerchief to gently inhale and enjoy the instant and lasting benefit of the fragrance.


Volume 100 ml
Considerations Do not use during pregnancy. Avoid spraying near eyes.
Additional note Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight; Always close the cap, when not in use, to avoid evaporation. Keep out of the reach of children; All caps are child-proof.
Gewicht 125.70 g


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