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Basil Tropical Essential Oil (5 ml)


Fresh, sweet-herbaceous, spicy.

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Simple No
Botanical Name Ocimum basilicum Ct methyl chavicol
Biochemical Compound Methyl chavicol (Estragole), 1,8-Cineol, Methyl eugenol, Linalool, alpha-Bergamotene
Origin Vietnam
Parts used Flowering plant
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Organic Status Certified Organic
Volume 5 ml
Aroma Fresh, sweet-herbaceous, spicy
How to use Use in a micro-diffuser, or a few drops diluted in a carrier oil locally, in full body massage (3%), or bath
Considerations Avoid during pregnancy, do not use for babies and small children. Can irritate sensitive skin if used undiluted. Do not use for a prolonged period or in concentration greater than 2%
Additional note No


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