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Cinnamom (Cassia) ground, organic, 1kg


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Cinnamon is an ancient spice that appeared in ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, and was told about in many ancient stories. However in the West, Chinese cinnamon or Cassia is known only since the16th century
Ceylon cinnamon has a very fine aroma which gives it first place in the Western market. Cassia cinnamon has a stronger flavor and is better suited for cooking and preparing dishes.

Cinnamon comes from the cinnamon evergreen tree.
This is not a fruit but an internal part of the bark produced by the tree. In India and Sri Lanka it is widely used. For example in curry dishes, or in the more subtle aromatic rice dishes of Indian cook. It is also very used for tea.

Contents: 1kg ground cinnamon*
*from organic agriculture.



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