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Geranium Rose hydrolate 100ml


Organic Certication

For Geranium Rose hydrolate: Eco Control;

100% Pure Hydrolate from Distillation
Flakes can form but they don’t compromise the quality. For maximum preservability, store away from heat and sunlight at approximately 10 ̊C.

SKU: 60297


Geranium Rose (Pelargonium asperum) improves the quality of the skin tissue, clarifies oily skin, and is healing.

Geranium hydrolate is suitable for the care of all skin types and at any age.
It is effective for various skin redness.
It has moisturizing properties, helps to retain moisture in the skin and can be used to remove makeup and spray on the face during the day to moisturize the skin.
With rough skin of the elbows and knees, as well as calluses on the palms and feet, regular compresses with geranium hydrolate are recommended.
Anti-inflammatory and cooling properties of hydrolate are useful in sunburn, irritation, insect bites.



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