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Ghee organic Finck, in Bioland-quality, 480 g


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Ayurvedic Ghee, 100 % organic
Original organic ayurvedic Ghee


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Ghee is clarified butter and therefore free of water, milk-protein and milk-sugar – a pure butter oil. Ghee is not as dense or creamy as butter, rather soft and crystalline. It has an intense scent of butter and its taste has a fine, nutty aroma with a gentle note of cheese. Ghee can be perfectly combined with all sorts of foods and ingredients.

Ghee can be used like butter or oil for cooking, but is also highly valued as cosmetic ingredient or base of cosmetic or therapeutic products – for example as cream, it is replenishing, good for a rough skin, for refreshing the region of the eyes, or can be used as baby care. It can also be used as a sleeping aid together with warm milk.

Ghee is a life elixir following ancient traditional ayurvedic recipes. It is a real “Slow Food” – with no industrial processing. Our Bioland Ghee of the brand Finck Naturkost is made without any additives. It is of pure natural, highly carified quality.

Ghee has been used for thousands of years for preparing food. In the ayurvedic kitchen, Ghee is used instead of butter, oil or fat. It promotes Agni, the fire of digestion, and is itself easily digestible. In the scale of easily digestible foods, Ghee takes position 1, before butter, vegetable oils or animal fats. It is nutritive, promotes good health and can be heated without a loss of quality. On top of that, it is very abundant and can be stored without cooling. Ghee relieves the human digestive system. Toxins in our foods can be bound by the use of Ghee, so a good general fitness until high age can be promoted.

Tipps for the use of Ghee:

  • For cooking, roasting, steaming, frying as well as for baking.
  • For the gentle roasting of spices; these will be opened-up so they can unfold their full aroma.
  • Ideal for steaming, because it preserves the vitamins.
  • For refining ready-made dishes, for example pouring over vegetables, rice or grains.
  • On toast – for example warm, with herbs and spices.

99,7 % pure butter-oil, from certified organic Bioland-cultivation.

Large glass, contents: 480 g.



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