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Himalaya salt – fine, 1000 g


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Finely ground, natural crystal salt with a mild aroma. Free of additives and processed entirely by hand. Since 1999 dismantled by a cooperative in northern Pakistan and refined into VitaSal Himalaya salt in Varanasi, India.Packaging: Resealable PE bag

Use: For the refinement of dishes and ideal for conventional salt shakers. It is also ideal for fermentation as the salt is untreated, free of iodine and rich in healthy nutrients, which promotes the development of bacteria.


Fein gemahlenes, naturbelassenes Kristallsalz mit mildem Aroma. Frei von Zusatzstoffen und gänzlich von Hand verarbeitet. Seit 1999 von einer Kooperative im Norden Pakistans abgebaut und im indischen Varanasi zum VitaSal Himalaya Salz veredelt.


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