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Jasmine hydrolate 100ml


Jasmine (Jasminum grandi orum) increases the elasticity of the skin. It is good for dry, irritated, or sensitive skin.
Jasmine hydrolate improves skin, relieves insomnia and feelings of fear, elevates mood, inspires creativity.
Jasmine hydrolate is used as an active component in the aqueous phase for the preparation of lotions, refreshing sprays and eau de toilette, skin cleansers, masks, makeup remover, as well as perfumes and aftershaves.
The smell of Jasmine is gently loved and passionately adored by many connoisseurs.



Organic Certication

For Jasmine hydrolate: Absolute;

100% Pure Hydrolate from Distillation
Flakes can form but they don’t compromise the quality. For maximum preservability, store away from heat and sunlight at approximately 10 ̊C.



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