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Lavender Highland hydrolate 100ml


Organic Certication

For Lavender Highland hydrolate: EU organic farming;

100% Pure Hydrolate from Distillation
Flakes can form but they don’t compromise the quality. For maximum preservability, store away from heat and sunlight at approximately 10 ̊C.

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Lavender, Highland (Lavandula angustifolia) is excellent for any and every skin problem and is nourishing and healing.
Lavender hydrolate has a soothing, cooling and regenerating effect, which is especially important for thin, sensitive, dry and prone to allergic skin rashes. Lavender water is famous for its softness, antiseptic and regenerative properties for any skin (including men’s skin after shaving).
It soothes redness and rash and is recommended even for newborns (due to its mild effects) with diaper and other types of dermatitis. Facilitates the condition of hives.
Lavender hydrolate is recommended to be used as a refreshing spray for face and body throughout the day for people prone to high pressure.
When sprayed on the hair, Lavender Hydrolate helps to restore Shine and moisture to dull hair.



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