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Neem-Öl, schonend kaltgepresst


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Herbal ingredients and flavors are among the most effective and most balanced that we know. An outstanding plant is the Indian Neem tree, known as Neem, with the botanical name Antelaea Azadirachta. The Neem tree offers a variety of biologically valuable ingredients that we use in our day and age, as for thousands of years.

For our Neem products only the best raw material grades are used. It is consistently avoids synthetic raw petrochemicals (paraffin etc.), synthetic preservatives, fragrances or dyes and biotechnologically produced raw materials (enzymes etc.). Therefore, our products are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Neem oil is obtained by a particularly gentle cold pressing with a flow temperature of below 40 ° C from the seeds of the Neem tree. This valuable, biologically active ingredients such azadirachtins, Nimbin or salannin retain their effectiveness. This high-quality, non-drying oil is distinguished due to its characteristics of high cosmetic value especially with dry and impaired by environmental influences skin.

The pure, unmixed Neem oil has a final odor and can be applied very sparingly. When used for cosmetic purposes, it is suitable for single use especially for therapeutic measures. If it is intended for daily use, it is advisable to use it as part of a balanced composition of oils and natural additives.

Origin: India
Available sizes:
  • 100 ml auf Lager
  • 1 liter Rückstand
  • 5 liters Rückstand


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