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Sandalwood (Australia) Essential Oil (3 ml)


Wild Harvested, Certified Organic*


Deep, soft, sweet-woody, balsamic scent. Harmonizing, calming, uplifting, soothing, for meditation.


Organic Certification—Quality Control

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Botanical Name Santalum spicatum
Biochemical Compound Alpha-Santalol, cis-beta-Santalol, cis-Nuciferol, cis-beta-Curcumene-12-ol, epi-alpha-Bisabolol
Origin Australia
Parts used Roots and heartwood
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Organic Status Wild harvested, Certified organic
Volume 3 ml
Aroma Deep, soft, sweet-woody, balsamic scent
Benefits Uplifting, soothing, and relaxing; helps to cool and calm the entire mind and body; bestows inner peace, tranquility, and optimism; promotes spiritual awareness; recommended for meditation and spiritual practice; good for dry or dehydrated, mature, inflam
Indications mental Cools and calms the entire mind-body; eases insomnia, nervous tension and fatigue, stress, restlessness, anxiety; bestows inner peace and tranquility, optimism, inspiration; recommended for meditation and spiritual practice.
Indications physical Tonic for heart and circulation; lymphatic and venous decongestant; urinary and pulmonary antiseptic; helps sore throat, dry irritating cough, hypertension
Skin care Good for dry or dehydrated, mature, inflamed or itching skin, dermatitis, psoriasis
How to use Use in an aroma lamp,for spiritual practice and meditation; apply on the pulse points on the wrists or on the forehead; add a few drops to creams, lotions, bath, or massage oil.
Considerations None
Additional note 3 ml oil, bottled in a 5 ml bottle, packed with a pipette or dropper; Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight; Always close the cap, when not in use, to avoid evaporation. Keep out of the reach of children; All caps are child-proof.


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