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Ayurdent Tongue scraper silver-coated, Maharishi


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Ayurdent Tongue scraper silver-coated, Maharishi

After brushing the teeth, tongue should also be cleaned, because over night the body produces a tongue coating. This mixture of toxins and bacteria often promotes bad breath, periodontal disease or tooth decay. The tongue coating should not re-enter back into the body.

Therefore, Ayurveda puts a special emphasis on the morning cleansing of the tongue. For this, it is best to use a special tongue cleaner. The whole process takes only a few seconds, but has an excellent effect on your overall well-being.

The routine of the morning tongue scraping is also supported by the top of the American Dental Association:
“I really think that by this routine we lift the oral hygiene onto a higher level”, says the spokesman of the Dental Association and professor of dentistry in Boston, Richard Price. An original quote from the Charak Samhita, a classical Ayurvedic textbook says:
“Deposits on the tongue affect breathing and are the cause of bad breath. The tongue should therefore be cleaned regularly.”

This Ayurdent tongue scraper by Maharishi Ayur-Veda consists of silver-plated stainless steel, a high-quality tongue cleaner.



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