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Guduchi Ginger Tea organic, 20 teabags


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Guduchi Ginger Tea organic, 20 teabags

Ayurvedic organic herbal tea from the Himalaya

Plants for all tea blends Guduchi come from certified organic wild collection in the Himalayan region and grow where their natural needs are best met, so each one has a place of high energy and healing power. The Guduchi teas are made using old Nepalese traditional handmade processes for Ayurveda products.

The main component of the Guduchi tea is the Guduchi plant Tinospora cordifolia- a wild creeper. It is one of the most important plants in Ayurveda and indispensable for its Dosha regulating properties and Activation of the metabolism. All Guduchi teas are certified as organic from Lacon under DE-ECO-003 .

Tasty tea blends Guduchi contribute to your well-being through their unique qualities:

GUDUCHI® with Ginger
has invigorating properties, which are concentrated in the ginger root. TheTinospora cordifolia has a positive impact on Pitta and harmonizes Kapha and Vata.

Contents: 20 tea bags, 1.6 g each (total 32 g)



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