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Sesame Oil matured, organic (Seyfried)



Seyfried’s Matured Sesame Oil is a pure organic sesame oil from first cold pressing in top quality, with sesame seeds of certified organic origin.

The sesame oil has been carefully matured: It is pre-heated for a sort instance which makes it a bit thinner. Therefore, matured sesame oil is ideal for all kinds of ayurvedic treatments or massages. According to Ayurveda, matured sesame oil is absorbed more easily by the skin where it can unfold its properties.

Matured sesame oil can be used pure, as skin oil or massage oil, however it is ideally used for being blended with Ayurvedic herbs. Before using the sesame oil, for example for a massage, it should be warmed up in a water bath or teapot warmer until it has reached body temperature.

Available sizes:

  • 750 ml (brown glass bottle)
  • 5 liters (cardboard box with bag and practical spout)



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