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Surya Namaskar Yoga Incense Fiore

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Räucherstäbchen YOGA Surya Namaskar

Es werden ausschliesslich natürliche Rohstoffe mineralischen Ursprungs verwendet, ohne jegliche chemische Duftzusätze oder Verschnitt aus synthetischen Ölen. Die Duftmischung für Räucherstäbchen der Yoga Linie ergibt sich aus der traditionellen Zusammensetzung von Honig, wertvollem Duftholzstaub, ätherischen Ölen, Gewürzen und wohlriechendem Harz.


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The Fiore D’Oriente Yoga Incense series has been created for all those who practice yoga and meditation. Composed of the finest raw materials, the Yoga Incense series is an inspiring addition to the practice of Meditation and Asana. Each pack contains a beautifully designed bookmark with a mantra.

The fragrance blend for our Fiore D’Oriente Yoga Incense is composed of the traditional mixture of honey, precious fragrance wood dust, essential oils, spices and fragrant resin. This mixture, also called Masala, is still prepared the same way as 400 years ago. The Fiore D’Oriente Incense are made in the classic manner and by hand, according to the ancient Vedic tradition of India with all its valuable experiences that were passed down through generations.

Ingredients: bamboo sticks honey, Ailanthus malabarica, coconut shell powder, sandalwood powder, masala powder, benzoin powder, precious wood powder, fragrant resin, vegetable oils, herbs, spices. 100 % pure natural ingredients.
Rod length 23 cm, weight per rod about 1.5 to 1.7 g, combustion duration: 60 – 80 minutes with long-lasting fragrance even after incineration.

Surya Namaskar Yoga Incense.
Surya Namaskar is the Sun Salutation – one of the most important warm-up exercises in Yoga.



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