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Purity Flame Shoti Maa Tea organic, 16 teabags


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Purity Flame Shoti Maa Tea organic, 16 teabags

Element Fire. Turn up the Heat – Choco, Minz & Chilli
Ayurvedic herbal and spice mixture

The light of understanding, the heat of enthusiasm that lets us take action, and the inner fire… all are subject to the flames of transformation. We balance and control the Purifying Flame; we balance our very lives. Invigorating Cocoa shells, harmonizing Licorice and a pinch of Chili in the Shoti Maa Tea Purity Flame strengthen and harmonize the Fire-element and keep your inner flame alive.

Contents: 16 teabags, each 2 gms (total 32 gms).



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